Often called the world’s most aromatic wine, Gewürztraminer originated in the Alto Adige winegrowing town of Tramin. Its spectrum of aromas with notes of rose petals, cloves, lychees and other tropical fruits, makes Gewürztraminer the embodiment of an aromatic wine variety. With intense color and luscious texture, Gewürztraminer is a wine of reflection and today it is one of the most popular Alto Adige varietals.



  • Area under cultivation: 1,285 acres (10.5% of total)
  • Cultivation zone: Primarily in the Bassa Atesina, but also in other wine growing areas of Alto Adige
  • Growing method: Old plantings: pergola trellis; new plantings: Guyot trellis
  • Preferred location: Loamy soils rich in lime
  • Synonyms: Traminer, Italian: Traminer Aromatico
  • Recommended pairings: When dry – as an aperitif, Asian dishes, shellfish; off-dry – with foie gras and pâtés; as a dessert wine – with cheese and desserts