LagreinLagrein is one of the most renowned red varietals of Alto Adige, and is seeing a renaissance worldwide. It produces perfumed, medium-bodied reds and light rosés, as well as rich, dark, red wines. The characteristic aromas of this Alto Adige varietal are berries, fresh cherries and violets. On the palate, it demonstrates a velvety body and soft acidity and pairs well with red meats and aged cheeses. Its origins are deeply rooted in the capital city of Bolzano. This Alto Adige varietal is also occasionally blended in cuvées with Cabernet, Merlot or both. A rosé version of the wine is also made, known as “Lagrein Kretzer” (or “Lagrein Rosato”).

  • Area under cultivation: 1,028 acres (8.04% of total)
  • Cultivation zone: Bolzano basin, Bassa Atesina, Oltradige, Adige Valley
  • Growing method: Old plantings: pergola trellis; new plantings: Guyot trellis
  • Preferred location: Lower elevations with warm soils (sand, gravel, Bolzano porphyry)
  • Recommended pairings:
    • Lagrein Rosé: As an appertif, smoked fish, light meats
    • Lagrein: Red meats, game, aged cheeses