SchiavaThis indigenous red grape variety had its first documented historical mention at the end of the Middle Ages, and it has played a central role in Alto Adige winegrowing since the sixteenth century. The Schiava grape produces a light red wine low in tannins, with moderate alcohol content and exhibits characteristics of its growing area. For example, S. Maddalena wine is considered fuller in body, the Lago di Caldaro is softer, and the Meranese is somewhat spicy.

  • Area under cultivation: 2,859 acres (22.35% of province total)
  • Cultivation zone: All of Alto Adige
  • Growing method: Almost exclusively on pergola trellis
  • Preferred location: Both alluvial and gravel soils
  • Synonyms: Vernatsch, Trollinger
  • Recommended pairings: Light pastas, grilled meats, pork, pizzas, Speck